About Centarus Ventures

Centarus Ventures is an industry leading brand builder and company incubator that (1) defines target markets, (2) sources or independently develops great technologies and products that best serve this target market, (3) creates and markets the new brand, and (4) introduces our brand, products and services to market through the use of our vast array of business, marketing, capital, and legal resources.



Who We Are

Centarus Ventures is the only boutique firm of its type in the United States today because we are the only technology and product commercialization firm in the nation that is a combination of three professional services firms, which together direct their energies toward executing the mission of being the best firm in the US today to commercialize exciting technologies and products. Centarus Ventures is a subsidiary of Centarus Companies, and Centarus Companies is a nationally recognized law, consulting, and banking firm that has been a respected industry leader for over a decade. The company has offices, and affiliate offices, in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. Furthermore, it is one of the nation’s leaders in servicing the professional needs of early to mid-stage technology companies.

Our Experience

The majority of Centarus Companies law, consulting and banking professionals have been practicing in their respective disciplines for a minimum of a decade. We have never been a training mill for experts, as is the case with many professional service firms; instead, we are a repository of the nation’s most skilled and best professionals, who offer their combined experience and skill to our technology clients and universities in order to afford them the greatest opportunity to commercialize a technology. Centarus Companies expressly formed Centarus Ventures with the intention of creating valuable brands and companies that serve the needs of various markets, and to do so, we intend to source unique and valuable technologies, from university tech transfer departments, inventors or to design and build such technologies to solve the problems of our target markets.


Non-Traditional Approach

Our law, consulting, and banking experts work closely together so that the legal and business aspects of a commercial technology or product engagement are thoroughly addressed. Our ability to identify compelling technologies and products is unsurpassed in the marketplace due to our diverse professional skillset and years of experience. In addition to being able to identify the best technologies and products, we are the only firm in the country with the in house capability to raise capital for the companies that we create through our internal resources.