Our Process

Our Process

To best accomplish our objectives, Centarus Ventures engages in a simple, straight forward process where we become a strategic partner of university technology transfer offices (TTO’s), entrepreneurs, or small businesses, and through this relationship, we agree to become their strategic business and funding partners.



First, we engage potential partners in open communication regarding available technologies. During that communication, partner’s propose technologies with near term commercial potential. Centarus Ventures then performs a commercialization assessment (the “Commercialization Assessment”) on these technologies at no cost to the potential partner. This includes polling and interviewing relevant industry experts and investors to better determine the market potential of the technology and its applications. The objective of our Commercialization Assessment is to reach a mutual decision with strategic partners concerning whether we believe it is prudent to proceed to the next step of commercialization for the technology. After the assessment, we compile a preliminary report of our findings and deliver it back to the potential partner for their review and comment. In total, the assessment process is expected to take 2-3 weeks per case.


We have two simple ratings following our Commercialization Assessment: “go” or “no-go.” If a technology receives a “go” rating from our assessment, we will offer to proceed to the next phase of our process. During this next phase, Centarus Ventures will introduce small amounts of capital for market validation testing. This testing will be conducted through contract labs or product engineering firms. This phase is used to determine if there is a viable and scalable technology or product. The timeline for this phase will be application specific, but ideally it will take 2 months or less. Even so, the validation of some technologies may take closer to one year in duration if the technology is particularly complicated. During this market validation phase, we are utilizing our team of engineering, business, and marketing specialists to determine whether a technology or product has a likelihood of success in the marketplace.

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Products that successfully pass validation testing, will then proceed to the final stage, which is full commercialization. In this phase, Centarus Ventures will utilize its affiliated FINRA registered broker dealer and investment bank to raise the necessary capital to create a new startup company around the technology. This stage involves inspiring investors to believe in the investment opportunity that a technology or product presents. In addition, it is our responsibility to source and install a management team to run the day to day operations of the company. This phase is estimated to take approximately six months, but depending upon the amount of capital necessary to be raised, challenges with the velocity of the capital raise and difficulties faced in installing an ideal management team, it could extend beyond this time frame into the one or year and one half time frame.