Our Services

Our Services

Centarus Ventures offers several unique and valuable services to our strategic partners to enhance technology and product commercialization. These services may be found individually at firms throughout the US, but, besides Centarus, there is no single firm in the country that provides all of these services under one roof.



Centarus Ventures provides a no cost Commercialization Assessment to our strategic partners. Through this assessment, we can rapidly assess the market for a technology and the commercial viability of new innovations by internally evaluating technologies and by polling and interviewing relevant industry experts and investors to better determine the usefulness of the technology and its applications.

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We offer product development and project management services to our strategic university partners. Our product development services include validation testing and eventually funding of the technology so that it can be successfully commercialized. Our project management services potentially include forming a business around the technology, which is sought to be commercialized, and staffing and operation of the business.

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We provide our strategic university partners with access to our team of legal, consulting, and banking experts. In addition, our affiliated FINRA registered broker dealer can provide access to  investors that can furnish the funding necessary to allow a technology to mature and be commercialized. Limited access to funding is one of the most common shortcomings of most of our competitors.